I don’t want to go to heaven

I know it sounds funny but think about it. What is heaven always being described as? Up in the air, on clouds, all white. What about color? The world we live in is full of color. Between the black and white are not “shades” of gray but a full rainbow of color. Reds, blues, greens, yellows, purples, oranges, all these colors that weave into the fabric of life. I find it sad when people refer to things “black or white” – come on! Nature shows us that the world, and people, are variety of and the spectrum. I would miss this.

Another reason is that I do not want to spend my time (eternity) in choir singing praises to some deity. Really? Doesn’t that sound a bit sick. What lack of self-confidence and esteem that deity must have if it requires continuous praise and worship. Boring. Boring. Boring. One thing I have come to appreciate about this life is the variety that we have. Yes, it can be challenging and frightening but also rewarding. If there is no variation, then you’re flat lining.

I hope that there is reincarnation. I find this world interesting, fun, full of life. This is one reason I do want to see us take care of the planet. I want to come back here. It is a reason I get so frustrated with those so-called conservatives. They want to let the world go to hell environmentally in order to benefit themselves and corporations. To make a buck.

I think that this goes to problem with monotheistic linear beliefs. These people believe that once they leave this world the go to better place. So of course they have no problem polluting and abusing this world. It is only a stepping stone to “some place better.” Please, if you can’t take of this world why should a deity let you into another one to mess up.

I wonder how different people would behave if the new for a fact that there was no afterlife, only a next life. That each time we die, we are reborn back here in the world. Randomly. Would people try to make this world a better place? Would people try to eliminate poverty? Would people look to find ways to help each other? After all, the next life might be in an impoverished nation, or maybe as a different gender, race, or orientation.

Yes, I don’t want to go to heaven but I do want to come back to a better Earth.


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