Time for Threes

I’ve done the distances, I’ve done “the hill”, time to start bringing it together.
In a 36 hour period, I’ll be running 3 legs of the course. Each leg will be run about 10-12 hours apart. The training direction now is to emulate this timing.

Yesterday, I ran in the morning and again after work. Today, I ran again. Each run was about 12 hours apart.

The first run was at around 6 am at the gym, or a treadmill. While it wasn’t 6 miles, it was 4 miles with an incline that gave a rise of 309 ft.

The second run was 12 hours later around 6 pm. This run was similar to what my 2nd run will be.

The third run was on the treadmill again, at 6 am. Almost as long as what my 3rd leg will be, and I did push to get my time down.

Now to take a day’s break and then try a threesome again.

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